Guardiola: Aguero is irreplaceable

Guardiola: Aguero is irreplaceable

Recently, Manchester City's second striker Gabriel Jesus spoke about how Sergio Aguero is not young anymore and that it's his time. But the most important person doesn't agree - Pep Guardiola. City's manager spoke highly of the Argentinian, saying he can't be replaced.

Aguero is arguably the biggest City legend, and was made so a long time ago with the miraculous title-winning goal in the last minute of the match against QPR back in 2012.

"It is the most important moment for this club - more important than when it, hopefully, wins the Champions League. It is much better than four titles in one season or whatever. And he was the guy. He can stay but it depends on his physical condition and his desire. Replacing him will be one of my biggest challenges because he is irreplaceable," said Guardiola.

Aguero netted 244 times for City since arriving from Atletico Madrid in 2011, and still remained humble, says Guardiola.

"I've never seen such a big star be so humble and funny. He accepts my decisions when it sometimes doesn't work for him. Big stars don't do that. I've worked with other stars who believed they were bigger than Sergio when they weren't and they were more difficult to handle and to be with. It's not easy to find a guy with his status, his personality and what he's done in his career with his humility. He is a joy to work with."

David Silva is to leave the club after 10 years this summer, but Guardiola doesn't plan on buying players to fill up the spot.

"I don't think we're going to do anything in this position. Maybe I will change my mind at the end of the season but I have other priorities. Bernardo Silva can play there, Phil Foden is there, we have Ilkay Gundogan and Kevin de Bruyne. I don't think we will do anything in this position."


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