France’s top talent has patience, but not the journalists

France’s top talent has patience, but not the journalists

One of the most sought after young talents in Europe Eduardo Camavinga is on the radar of Real Madrid and other top clubs across the continent. The journalists have been speculating about his future since he burst onto the scene but he believes that it’s exactly the media that overblown his situation. And that he, in a matter of fact, wants to stay at Rennes.

Camavinga recently changed his agent and went with his parents at the same time as rumours of him signing a 12-month extension with the club started surfacing. With it, he will have a deal that runs until 2023.

"My change of agent? These are things that happen, we shouldn’t focus on that. I have faith in my parents quite simply. Could I sign an extension? Yes. Do I want to? Yes. What is holding it up? I do not know, there are negotiations. If you want to talk about that, there is my father… It is you, the journalists, who have been talking about me leaving, but I am 100% focused on the club," stated the young midfielder.

French international defensive midfielder Steven N’Zonzi discussed the progress being made by his teenage midfield partner at Rennes, Eduardo Camavinga.

"He is very mature for his age. That is what makes the difference. He has great variety to his play. But that is something that you normally master with age. It is positive for what is to come. It did not surprise me, I knew that there were good players here. He seems very at ease, he has this maturity and will continue to improve. And then he works well too. He is a good boy," said N'Zonzi.

Rennes is the club that sold Raphinha to Leeds for the same price they bought him the year before with the years left in his contract. Yes, the same price and to a Premier League club. The club didn't also do very well with Ousmane Dembele when he joined Borussia Dortmund only to see his value skyrocket in a year and move to Barcelona.

Therefore, their fans don't have a lot of confidence that the club will benefit greatly from what seems like a generational talent.


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