Financial Fair Play is dead: CAS overturned UEFA's ban for Mancehster City

Financial Fair Play is dead: CAS overturned UEFA's ban for Mancehster City

Premier League side Manchester City are released from charges on breaking the Financial Fair Play, the Court of Arbitration for Sport announced on their website on Monday.

 Therefore, City's two-year-ban from European competitions is now overturned. 

Citizens were given the punishment by the leading European football body in February after being found to be guilty on "serious branches" of club licensing and FFP-regulations, avoiding financial fair play.

Spanish manager Pep Guardiola said few times he expects the ban to be lifted, and even before Saturday's league game, he said he can 'see' his team in the Champions League next season.

"I'm confident because I saw the arguments of the club that next season we will be there but we have to wait and after I give my opinion or the club will give their statement," he said.

The money plays a huge rule in the capitalistic world, and we know City's owners have no problems with money- the Court of Arbitration for Sport (CAS) with a location in Lausanne, rejected the UEFA's decision to punish City.

As they announced, the club is cleared of "disguising equity funds as sponsorships contributions". Pep Guardiola and his players will play next season in the Champions League. 

While the money punishment remains, the fine has been cut to 10 million euros instead of 30. The club wrote a short statement on the website.

"Whilst Manchester City and its legal advisors are yet to review the full ruling by the Court of Arbitration for Sport (CAS), the Club welcomes the implications of today’s ruling as a validation of the Club’s position and the body of evidence that it was able to present."

"The Club wishes to thank the panel members for their diligence and the due process that they administered."


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