Final Newsletter for competition


Here are the winners of the 2 last months of the competition. Prizes were reduced as introduced in December Newsletter.


1. Henry Lai 50 EUR

2. Mackbet 30 EUR

3. Alwin 15 EUR


1. Alwin 50 EUR

2. Nestor 30 EUR

3. Alexis 15 EUR

All winners have been credited and all pending withdrawals were cleared today. This will also be the last month of the monthly cash competition. We are putting it on hold.

The site was not managed for the last 40 days due to personal issues and huge health concerns. I see that this was welcomed with harsh comments and a lack of understanding for the community, although we shared 7.500 EUR in the process to many tipsters. So the team lost the drive to run this project. In the end, it was a hobby project and we will focus on our main projects. 

To repeat once again, all winners are credited and all withdrawals will be paid out.

all questions and enquiries will be dealt with via

Good luck everyone


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