Fallout regarding Cavani's failed move to Atletico might stop the summer transfer too

Fallout regarding Cavani's failed move to Atletico might stop the summer transfer too

At the start of the transfer window, we would bet that Edinson Cavani would be one of the bigger names that will change clubs in January. The Uruguayan is nearing the end of his contract with only six months remaining, he fell back at the pecking order in Paris Saint-Germain and he is legitimately backup option only now. While most sides in Europe would be lucky to have him.

And Atletico Madrid needed him the most, yet despite their efforts couldn't secure the transfer. The Madrid side reportedly sent a final €18,000,000 offer - plus bonuses - and still failed to get the Uruguayan.

Now Atleti's president Enrique Cerezo insinuated that it wasn't the PSG who was the problem but that the player's agent asked for a too high signing-on fee.

"Someday I will tell why Cavani did not come and they will prove me right. I don't want to point anyone out, but I think it's a shame about the situation of some players with their relatives and their representatives. It's outrageous. We're not here to be robbed," said Cerezo.

Cavani's brother Walter Fernando Guglielmone, who is his agent as well, denied such claims saying that it doesn't make sense on several levels. Also basically confirming that Chelsea and Manchester United were interested.

"The important thing is what Edi has done to get out, do you think Edi didn't play almost a month for me to drop the operation on a commission and let him not fulfill his dream? And with all the mess we put together with the PSG? If it were for money, Edi would have gone to England, Manchester or Chelsea," said Cavani's agent.

Walter proceeded to say that the 32-year-old was ready to take a pay cut in order to join Atleti.

"The operation has not gone out despite the will of Edin, willing to receive less than in the PSG. Atletico could not cover the total economic cost of the operation and the PSG did not want to lower the amounts he asked for. Atletico failed to close an agreement with the PSG," he settled.

Cavani played just 351 minutes in Ligue 1 this season yet with Cerezo's statement, it doesn't seem as likely he will sign for Atleti at the end of this season.


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