Evra fires at Arsenal: I used to call them my babies, and they are still babies

Evra fires at Arsenal: I used to call them my babies, and they are still babies

Retired left-back Patrice Evra stayed in the public's eye even past his prime due to his extremely positive videos on social media. But Arsenal fans and players, in particular, won't be getting inspired from the words the Frenchman said about them following the Sheffield United loss as he called them babies.

The former Manchester United player believes that the Gunners don't have the mentality needed to compete for quite some while now.

"I used to call them ‘my babies’ 10 years ago, and they are still when I look at them and think they are ‘my babies’ and that’s the truth – I’m not being disrespectful when I say that. They look pretty, but they don’t look like a winning team. They like playing good football, but I was so happy to play against them, because I knew I was going to win," said unapologetically Evra on Sky Sports TV.

The man who played 81 times for France even added oil to the fire by mentioning the arrival of Robin van Persie from Arsenal to United.

"Even when Robin van Persie came, and on the first day I shook his hand, and I said 'welcome to a man club'. At the beginning he was upset, but after one month he said ‘you were completely right Patrice'."

The Frenchman hit even harder on the new Arsenal captain Granit Xhaka, as the error-prone midfielder doesn't seem like the best choice in the team with an apparent leadership void.

"Guendouzi was paying in midfield, but before he was playing in the French second league and he was not even playing regularly – and he’s the best player in this team. And I know Arsenal fans must be fuming when they see Xhaka as their captain. I respect Aubameyang and Lacazette, but if those two guys don’t score, they’re in trouble. Where is the change?" asked the charismatic Frenchman. 

Interestingly enough, at the show, Evra was asked who was his toughest opponent, and he didn't say Leo Messi, he said James Milner!


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