Evra: Pirlo is a great friend but Juve's biggest mistake was firing Allegri

Evra: Pirlo is a great friend but Juve's biggest mistake was firing Allegri

One of the most outspoken former players Patrice Evra has taken the time to analyze the situation at Juventus. After nine consecutive Scudetto triumphs, the Old Lady forfeited the throne to Inter. For the ex-Juve player Evra, the causation behind it is clear - it was a mistake to fire Massimiliano Allegri.

The former Milan manager led the Bianconeri for five years, between 2014 and 2019. Boasting a win ratio of 70.48 over 271 games, leading the team to two Champions League finals, albeit unsuccessful ones. Yet he was deemed overly defensive, especially with the arrival of Cristiano Ronaldo who had his worst season in the black and white shirt under Allegri.

But Allegri's replacement Maurizio Sarri had a win ratio of 65.4% and Pirlo is at 64.44% but both of their teams looked unimpressive.

Evra addressed the club's issues from a perspective of a former player.

"Juventus fans, it has been a long time since I have spoken to you. I love you, I miss you and I care about you. I am suffering like all Juventus fans, but it’s easy to talk about that when you are not the president, but my opinion is from someone who sweated and bled for this jersey," said the former Manchester United and Juventus player.

An-ex teammate of Andrea Pirlo, Evra wasn't scared to criticize the decision to sack Allegri who won five Serie A title alongside four cups.

"I wish Andrea Pirlo well, he is a great friend, I hope he can stay at Juventus for as long as possible, but I must also say that the biggest mistake was firing Allegri: he is a smart coach, the fans criticised him even when he won and took us to the Champions League final. You thought he was a Milan man, but believe me, he loved and still loves Juventus."

But Allegri's sacking isn't the only reason why Inter took primacy according to Evra, it's also because the Nerazzurri have taken up the former Juventus manager Antonio Conte. Alongside ex-Juve director of football Beppe Marotta. With the squad also boasting ex-Juve player Arturo Vidal.

"Juventus will not win the Scudetto because of Inter, who have worked everything out because they did it by bringing in lots of ex-Juventus people. Antonio Conte is a coach from another planet and Giuseppe Marotta performed miracles at Juventus, buying great players."


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    AsianBesTrader 26.4.2021. 19:00:40
    allegri was fired becoz of the increasingly poor attack tactics, crossing the ball and hope Ronaldo can score in big games. But definitely he can make Juve defend better