Edin Dzeko: I made Sir Alex Ferguson put his hands in his hair after my 6:1 goal, unforgettable

Edin Dzeko: I made Sir Alex Ferguson put his hands in his hair after my 6:1 goal, unforgettable

Edin Dzeko turned out to be a stellar replacement for Romelu Lukaku, despite being 35, proving his class once again. In 29 games he played this season for Inter, he has 19 goal involvements, 12 goals and seven assists. Even more impressive as he spent the full 90 minutes on the pitch 10 times.

Inter is first in the league and few expected it due to the departures of Antonio Conte, Achraf Hakimi, and Lukaku.

"We are first and we want to stay there until the end. At the beginning of the season there was talk of Milan and Napoli, there was not much talk of Inter. If you win the derby you are a long way ahead, but the Scudetto points are earned in the games with the small teams that you have to make yours by force," explained the Serie A veteran.

Even though he was an apparent replacement for Lukaku, a downgrade many thought, Dzeko didn't think of it that way.

"If you go to a place and you start thinking about what those who were before you did, you'd better not go anywhere. If I had only thought for a moment, I would never have come. I know what I can give, what I am doing this year does not surprise me."

More importantly, Inter plays differently now than under Conte.

"Compared to when Lukaku was there, the game is different. In the last two years, Inter played more on the counterattack, this year everyone has more fun, inside and out. I am someone who knows how to play the ball and doesn't just look at goals. They say I have to score more, but if I don't do it and we win it's still great," said the Bosnian while also continuing that he would ask questions of himself if he hasn't been scoring and the team was fourth. Because they are first, he doesn't.

Yet even Conte was a fan of the Bosnian international, and wanted to bring him in to Stamford Bridge when he was there, but also at Inter.

"Already when Conte was at Chelsea he wanted me, but I wasn't sure about going back to England. As soon as he arrived at Inter he tried again. The moment has come now, the roads had to cross: it was destiny."

As Dzeko has lived in many footballing cities, playing in the Rome, Manchester, and now Milan derby, he was asked to compare.

"I haven't lived in Milan long enough, it's different when the stadiums are limited in capacity. In Rome you can hear the hatred among the fans, it is much heavier. With City I won at United, with Sir Alex Ferguson putting his hands in his hair after my 6:1 goal: unforgettable."


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