Di Maria: I've been anxious in the last games to reach 100 assists

Di Maria: I've been anxious in the last games to reach 100 assists

It is an almost unavoidable mantra that football players deny any wish for individual awards and records. Stating that the team is the only thing that matters. Angel Di Maria has been a breath of fresh air in that regard recently as the Argentinian admitted to caring a bit too much about getting Paris Saint-Germain's assist record.

Currently, Di Maria stands at 99 assists and is four behind PSG leader, Bosnian Safet Susic who ended at 103 assists.

"It's something very important to me and to then reach 103 and surpassing Susic and reaching 104. It would be something important because it would remain in the history of the club and would be marked forever until someone is able to pass me. Now I'm playing with Ney and with Kylian, players who are making history at the club and I want to continue to make history too," stated Di Maria.

The former Real Madrid and Manchester United winger is in his sixth season with the champions of France, and has somewhat silently put up amazing numbers. In 251 games he has those 99 assists and 88 goals. While Susic ended up playing in nine seasons for the Saints, between 1982 and 1991, getting 344 games in, with 85 goals.

Mustapha Daleb, a brief teammate of Susic who played in the 70s mostly for PSG, is third on the all-time list with 80 assists. Followed by another Argentinian, Javier Pastore with 56. As Kylian Mbappe is fifth on the all-time list with 54 assists, he is the biggest danger to Di Maria's upcoming record reign. That is, if he remains at Park des Princes.

In the current season, Di Maria got to 12 assists already according to Transfmarkt, while scoring six goals in the 30 games total the 33-year-old has played.


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