De Bruyne: If Man City don't win the Champions League we'll be failures like the last five years

De Bruyne: If Man City don't win the Champions League we'll be failures like the last five years

With Manchester City being banned from the Champions League for the next two seasons, as things stand, even greater pressure is on the side to perform in this campaign. The expensive side is missing CL success and Pep Guardiola already said that he will be regarded as a failure if he doesn't win the continental tournament. Now, Kevin de Bruyne shared his sentiment by almost repeating Pep's words.

All ahead of tomorrow's game vs Real Madrid. Los Blancos have won the big-eared trophy a record 13 times, but De Bruyne insists City will travel to Santiago Bernabeu playing their usual style.

"Obviously it's Madrid. They have won the most Champions Leagues out of everybody. But I think we will go there to try to play our game like we always do and try to play offensive football, try to put them under pressure, try to have a good game and, if we can, win," started KDB.

Like his manager said, De Bruyne is aware that there will be people who will paint them as losers for not winning in the CL, disregarding their domestic successes.

"If we don't win it everybody is going to say we are failures like the last five years! It's something we've not won yet. We always want to win everything but sometimes another team is better or performing well – like Liverpool are doing this season. It's just that way and you just have to admit it. But we will just go there to win that game. You can't look too much forwards and see what's going to happen."

City have missed their last four penalties and De Bruyne was asked whether he would be willing to take them.

"Yeah, why not? I don't really care. For me I think it's important for strikers to have them because it helps their goals tally. It doesn't affect me that much but if they want me to step up, I will. That's obviously something for the technical staff to decide."


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