Conte singing Mourinho's song: After three weeks I'm starting to understand Tottenham's level isn't high

Conte singing Mourinho's song: After three weeks I'm starting to understand Tottenham's level isn't high

After a shock defeat to Slovenian side Mura in the Conference League, Tottenham's manager Antonio Conte spilt the beans and stated his team is simply not on a high level. The Italian has hence rectified the former Spurs manager Jose Mourinho who has been saying that during his stint. Then, most didn't believe him. Yet, with Conte now saying it, the players need to look themselves in the mirror.

Spurs played with 10 men because Ryan Sessangon got his second yellow around the half-hour mark of the game, after getting the first in the 15th minute. Although Mura started leading in the 11th minute. Harry Kane equalized in the 72nd minute but the home side stunned the visitors on the break in the 94th minute to win the game 2:1.

Making Conte set the honesty to 10 for his press conference.

"Usually I prefer to not speak to them after the game, especially when the game is not good because you are too involved emotionally. After the game I think it is good to not speak to the players. We will do it tomorrow. A bad loss, I am not satisfied with what happened. This is the second time in a row we have finished the game with 10, against Vitesse it was the same," started slowly Conte.

Yet the Italian then went on to put a smile on a man's face in Rome, as he criticized the squad.

"I must be honest and tell you that after three and a half weeks, I am starting to understand the situation. I can tell you that the situation is not simple. It is not simple because in this moment because for sure the level of Tottenham is not so high. There is an important gap to the top teams in England."

Even though Conte relishes the work, he implies that the fans can't expect achievements outside the realm of possibility.

"Of this we must not be scared. I am here to work, here to improve the situation. I know we have to work hard but we have also to improve the quality of the situation, because if we want to be competitive. We have a lot of desire to work, you can work work work work but you can push a car at maximum level and sometimes it is not enough to be competitive."

The Italian made comparisons to the other teams THFC wants to overcome.

"After three and a half weeks, I am happy to stay here but at the same time I must be honest and tell you we need to work a lot to improve the quality of the squad. In this moment it's very difficult to make evaluations under this aspect, because you can see that in England a top team they are working many years with the same coaches and they are improving each year, to reinforce the team."


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  • 1
    Shuaib Yunus Hassan 26.11.2021. 11:28:33
    It's fine, it's just early days, I am sure this season they would end up outside top 4 but till next season, things would get better.
  • 2
    Shuaib Yunus Hassan 26.11.2021. 11:29:12
    Conte is a world class coach and if the players listen to him and improve their weaknesses, Tottenham could be serious title contenders next season

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