Conte: Only the winners remain in history

Conte: Only the winners remain in history

On one side, in Sevilla, we have the team that has practically monopolized the Europa League with five wins already. On the other side, in Inter, a team from a country who hasn't had a representative in the final of the competition since the last century. The duel is set to be one of the most prestigious Europa League finals in recent history and the fiery quotes of the parties involved made sure of it.

No one better to make the situation more grandiose than Antonio Conte, who issued one last public push to his soldiers before the final.

"As a player, I played a lot of them. I have won but I have also lost a lot. People only remember when you win. I have won a Champions League, but I have lost three. In history, only the first one remains," said Conte.

Being asked whether he fears Sevilla, who went past Manchester United to get to the finals, Conte responded laconically.

"The word fear is not part of my vocabulary. We value Sevilla and their history, we have respect, but if we are here in the final it’s because we have our cards to play."

Last summer's Nerazzurri signing Diego Godin was brought in to be the rock for his teammates, defensively and mentally. As he won the competition twice with Atletico, he is the most experienced in his side.

"We all want the same thing: to win. To do this, we must follow the preparation and play with the heart. The Finals are played like this, even with the heart," said the Uruguayan.

One of the longest Inter servants and the club captain, Samir Handanovic, sees this game as the breakthrough moment for the side.

"When I arrived, I always aimed to play for trophies. At last, we can fight for something important, this must be a starting point. It must become a habit, like 10 to 15 years ago. Inter always played for the Scudetto and the cups," said the Slovenian.

In the Spanish side, they might be less poetic but equally motivated. The coach Julen Lopetegui praised his counterpart Conte and his ability to imprint his mentality on his side.

"Inter are a very complete team, like all of Antonio Conte’s teams. They have a lot of capabilities in attack and they can keep it tight at the back, giving away few chances. We will go into it as we always do, aiming to be solid and supportive. We’ll go into the match with humility and respect. We are aware that every detail is important. We must be focused, be able to understand the game," said the former Real Madrid manager.

Other people in the club have been more combative, like the president Jose Castro who reminded everyone Sevilla is good a giant-slaying.

"We have knocked three big clubs out so far, all of whom had bigger budgets and more competitive squads, and yet we eliminated them. Inter have double our budget and are having a magnificent tournament, but I like difficult challenges," said Castro.

Sevilla's last summer's signing Nemanja Gudelj is well aware of the quality Inter posses but he's certain his side can defeat the greatest. 

"Sure. We can beat any team if we play at our highest level, work as we have done all the season and do the tactical job we usually do. If we do all this right, we can beat any team. We have a lot of quality in this group. I said it’s a Champions League team, like Manchester United, and if you want to win the Europa League, you must beat the best teams,"
said the Serbian.

The bookies favour Inter in the tonight's match with a win for Sevilla comes with a 3.55 odd (28/11 fractional) while it's 2.29 (9/7 fractional) for Inter.


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