City the first club to invest a billion euros into its squad


The statisticians who bring the regular and the best football data news, ones from the CIES Football Observatory organization, have calculated that Manchester City has become the first club ever to invest a billion euros in their squad.

CIES Football Observatory is a research group within the International Centre for Sports Studies (CIES), an independent study centre located in Neuchatel, Switzerland. For years they bring the best data-driven conclusions about the state of football, and they haven't had a bigger jubilee to report on than the break of a billion mark.

Manchester City have invested over a billion euros, €1,014,000,000 to be exact, in the making of the current squad Pep Guardiola has on its disposal.

But the others aren't far behind. Paris Saint Germain is second, and it illustrates how different the transfer policies of the two richest clubs in Europe are. PSG paid two players, Mbappe and Neymar over €300,000,000. While City had never splashed out more than €80,000,000 on a player, yet it has signed several players in that range.

The third on the list is Real Madrid. Unsurprisingly. The team still boasts Gareth Bale, and now has another player paid for more than €100,000,000 - Eden Hazard. With James Rodriguez not being cheap too, the fifth priciest signing of Los Blancos ever. The team also spent big in this transfer window, while the only notable exit in recent years has been Cristiano Ronaldo.

The first obvious underachievers are Manchester United, fourth on this list, but unable to clinch the top four spot in England last year. Despite spending 751 million on its players. Juventus being as hight at it is somewhat surprising, as the club made some outstanding signings on a free, but Ronaldo and Matthijs de Ligt brought the bar much higher.

Barca did some offloading this summer and have lowered their number which stands at little less than 700 million. But they can't be as happy with their performances as Liverpool, who has spent 639 million to reach the Champions League final twice in two years and battle for the title. The team did hardly any spending this summer too.

If the red team from Liverpool is a good example of investment in football, the blue one is a depressing disappointment. Everton spent just €12,000,000 less than Arsenal on its squad, and €21,000,000 more than the CL finalists Tottenham.

The trope of Bayern Munich stealing the best players in Germany by signing them on free transfers is confirmed by the list as the supreme ruler of the Bundesliga made this squad for €352,000,000.

Here is the list of the biggest spenders, and HERE you can adjust the interactive table for individual leagues.

Manchester City - €1,014,000,000
Paris Saint-Germain - €913,000,000
Real Madrid - €902,000,000
Manchester United - €751,000,000
Juventus - €719,000,000
Barcelona - €697,000,000
Liverpool - €639,000,000
Chelsea - €561,000,000
Atletico Madrid - €550,000,000
Arsenal - €498,000,000
Everton - €486,000,000
Tottenham Hotspur - €465,000,000
Milan - €408,000,000
Inter - €364,000,000
Bayern Munich - €352,000,000
Monaco - €348,000,000 


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