Champions League next season without Manchester United


Huddersfield - Manchester United 1:1 (0:0)

Manchester United arrived here with an imperative of three points. Huddersfield Town side had one win and one draw in their last 24 matches, relegated already in March. Earlier in the day, Chelsea won against Watford 3-0 and meant a point is not enough for United, to keep hopes of finishing in the top four. However, it wasn't enough motivation for visitors to win and step up in the fight for Champions League football. For much of the opening minutes, United looked in control and have taken the lead after Scott McTominay opener in the eighth minute. But,  Solskjaer's players are losing the cool nowadays even when they have a good result on the scoreboard. Huddersfield's goal came after the huge mistake in United's defence.

Luke Shaw failed to deal with a long ball sent from opponents, leaving Isaac Mbenza alone one-on-one with the goalkeeper. Shaw was positioned well but missed all ball and allowed to Mbenza an easy situation. Paul Pogba hit the bar for the second time as Manchester United chased a late winner and it was the last chance of the game. A draw was a fair enough result on the balance of play. Ashley Young is aware how much the team disappointed their fans, all over the world: "It's a massive blow not to be in the Champions League". Solskjaer was broken after the game but honest as always:  "The Europa League is probably the right place for us at the moment," and spoke again about the clearance in team, for the upcoming transfer window: "I can't talk about the individuals now, but there is the chance you have seen the last of some players," Norwegian said after the Sunday's game.

Europa League awaits for United, while Hudds prepares for Championship football in next season. The disastrous season for United will undoubtedly bring a lot of changes in the dressing room. Alexis Sanchez is one of the first candidates since he didn't show much after arriving from Arsenal. "A lot of the players will find their way out from the team"- Norwegian's most heard quotes in these days. Pogba is among the other candidates to leave as he is linked with Real Madrid in most louder rumours recently. Is Manchester United fallen empire, or they can return on the glory days in next seasons?


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