Best players who will miss out on the Euros even though their countries won't

Best players who will miss out on the Euros even though their countries won't

It's harder to say what is worse for a player. To fail at helping their country qualify for the Euros like these top players did, or to watch your teammates all summer at the tournament from your coach due to other reasons. Check out the best players who will be missing from the Euros for one reason or another, while his countries won't be.

So here are the best players who will be absent from the upcoming Euros. 

10. Arkadiusz Milik

Even though his position is most stacked in Poland's national team, with Robert Lewandowski healthy, Arkadiusz Milik's injury woes have disappointed the nation. After being locked in with Napoli for the first part of the season, playing no games, Milik was red-hot for Marseille in the springtime scoring 10 goals in 16 matches. Yet due to knee problems, the 27-year-old with 59 caps for Poland won't have the chance to improve on his disappointing account of 15 goals.

With Krzysztof Piatek also missing due to injury, Lewa will seemingly have an even bigger burden this summer. Yet, if one man can do it all by himself, is the season's best player.

9. James Ward-Prowse (England)

While most of these lists would include Trent Alexander-Arnold absence for England, there are reasons to put James Ward-Prowse over him. TAA has been doubtful for Gareth Southgate for the longest time before the public opinion has swayed him possibly. Furthermore, England already has three solid options at right-back who are coming in better form than Liverpool's man.

On the other hand, JWP provides some characteristics that few players possess. In the potential absence of Jordan Henderson and Harry Maguire, Ward-Prowse would come handy as a leader being the club captain for Southampton. He is also the only man ever to play all minutes of consecutive back-to-back seasons showing reliability needed for tournaments. Last, but probably most importantly, JWP showed he is the best dead-ball specialist in England's squad and that skill set becomes all that important in such a compact format where details decide the triumph.

8. Iago Aspas (Spain)

In 33 La Liga games this past season, Iago Aspas scored 14 goals and made 13 assists. He didn't make the cut for Spain's Euro squad even though the manager Luis Enrique had spare places on the list! The versatile forward has played 18 caps overall for the Red Fury, getting in a goal every third match on average.

Enrique didn't bring him even though the team doesn't have a lot of classic goalscorers or impressive forwards as it had in the past. Leading the line is the still green Gerard Moreno of Villarreal, while the unreliable Alvaro Morata is the second in line depending on the opponent. Yet Aspas didn't get the nod even though he suffered great adversity in his career, going from being a LFC flop to a reliable goalscorer in Spain again. 

7. Dominik Szoboszlai (Hungary)

Continental tournaments are great for a myriad of reasons but particularly because they offer a stage for unestablished youngsters to present themselves to the broadest audiences. To back up the hype gathered around them in club and qualifying football. Dominik Szoboszlai is one of the biggest talents in Europe and brought his country to the Euros with a play-off late wonder goal.

Yet, due to injury, the versatile attacking midfielder won’t be able to help his countrymen in the death group with Germany, France, and Portugal. Due to adductor problems, the Hungarian failed to make a single appearance for his next step in the Red Bull football route - RB Leipzig. At Salzburg, in the first half of the season, he scored nine goals and made 11 assists in 22 matches. Aged 20, Szoboszlai still has a lot of time for more Hungary heroics.

6. Marc-Andre Ter Stegen (Germany)

An interesting inclusion on this list due to the reasoning behind it. Officially, Marc-Andre ter Stegen decided to withdraw from the camp and the Euros because he wanted to take the summer to get surgery on a long-standing fitness problem of his.

"I have decided together with the medical team of the club that I will do a complementary intervention on my knee. I’m sad that I will miss the EURO 2020 this summer with Germany. For the first time in many years I will be a fan at home supporting my country, I hope we win it," wrote MATS.

But the behind story is that the Barcelona keeper was in war of words with Germany’s undisputed number one Manuel Neuer. MATS believed that he deserves more game time than the 25 caps he got so far and he is alone in that thought. The idea to have another tournament on the bench while his nemesis gets the spotlight certainly made the decision to get surgery and skip the national team certainly helped.

5. Theo Hernandez (France)

One of the victims of France's scary depth, Theo Hernandez didn't make the cut for the Euros despite being one of the generals in the resurging Milan last season. Hernandez lost the spot at left-back to Everton's Lucas Digne and his own brother Lucas Hernandez. Both of them played for France's U21 despite being raised in Spain and having soundly Spanish names but the older and more expensive brother got the nod of Didier Deschamps.

Even Real Madrid's Ferland Mendy didn't make the cut at the jampacked left-back position in the France national team. But Hernandez with eight goals and eight assists in 45 matches past season will truly be missed by the neutrals.

4. Zlatan Ibrahimovic (Sweden)

Even though he wasn’t a part of the Swedish national team from 2016 until March of 2021, Zlatan Ibrahimovic’s presence will be sorely missed at the Euros. The veteran striker returned to the national team, in 2021, playing two games with the manager Janne Andersson announcing he will be taking the 39-year-old to the Euros.

But the age of Zlatan showed as the Milan man was crossed out due to an injury sustained in club football. The record goalscorer of the national team with 62 goals in 118 matches, Ibra would contribute on the pitch but also as a presence. An attribute he showed with AC Milan. With a pompous reintroduction, it feels wrong for Zlatan to have such an uneventful goodbye and will we could possibly see him at the 2022 World Cup.

3. Sergio Ramos (Spain)

If there was a player to be brought in as a hand towel wavers in the mould of some bench NBA players, it’s Sergio Ramos. A born leader, the centre-back was held back from one of his last top international competitions due to an injury. Fitness issues have plagued the Real Madrid defender since January and he has barely put up a string of games in the second part of the season.

Ramos’ exclusion from the Spain setup significantly lowered the country’s odds at a triumph and rightfully so. Without him, the squad does seem to lack the combativeness and fire needed to triumph over a gruelling competition, especially after such a physically hard congested season.

2. Virgil van Dijk (Netherlands)

Virgil van Dijk could be the biggest name to miss out on 2021 Euros but the Dutchman hasn’t played much in the past season due to a heavy injury. Even in the games before the ACL tear VVD wasn’t on the level of the title-winning and Champions League-taking seasons. But he still remains the best player of the Netherlands squad. Hence, his decision to take the summer to heal up completely is understandable yet damaging to the morale of his teammates as he would’ve hardly done it if he thought chances of triumph were realistic.

1. Marco Reus (Germany)

The number one pick for the Euro 2021 absentees has been a lock when looking at the form of Marco Reus and his reasoning for missing the biggest thing in football this summer. Reus is fit and ready to play yet he decided to pass out on Germany’s quest for Euro gold because he felt he needed a rest.

A notoriously injury-prone player, Reus played the most games across all competition out of all the Bundesliga players - 49. While he didn’t lead the chart in minutes on the pitch, Reus, who had 11 goals and 14 assists in those games, is desperate for some continuity in play-time and has decided to skip on the international duty even though he would most likely be a starter. With countless injuries in his past and only the third time he played 30 or more Bundesliga games for BVB, few can blame the 32-year-old for putting his health first.


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