Barca stuck with its panic buy: Braithwaite states he has no intentions to leave

Barca stuck with its panic buy: Braithwaite states he has no intentions to leave

Last year saw Barcelona use the rule book of La Liga to their advantage and buy Martin Braithwaite after the January transfer window has been concluded. For a long time, as he moved to Nou Camp on February 20th because the league allowed Barca to buy an attacking player to make up for the loss of Ousmane Dembele to injury.

Something similar was allowed for Atletico Madrid and their purchase of Geoffrey Kondogbia.

Braithwaite's transfer still left his former club Leganes at a major deficit, despite the €18,000,000 received for him. As they didn't have an opportunity to sign a new player. Nor do they have the same pulling power as Barca.

The 29-year-olds's transfer remains as one of the remanents of the bad transfers policy employed by the former president Josep Maria Bartomeu. As the clear panic buy got a five-year contract that he now intends to honour.

At least for the time being. And why shouldn't he? Barca offered the contract and has to deal with the decisions of the previous establishment. 

"There is no option for it to go out in this winter market and not at the end of the season either. Next year I will continue to fight for my goals," said Braithwaite.

Now, the club is looking for more permanent solutions, that go well with their stature in world football. While the Danish national team representative doesn't mind it.

"I like that the club looks for other players in the market. It is supposed to be like that in a team like Barcelona, ??which aspires to have the best in the world. You need to have internal competition. It doesn't scare me, it motivates me."

Since 11 months ago, Martin Braithwaite has played 30 games for Barcelona, scoring six goals and making two assists.

"Next year I will continue to fight for my goals and this season we have the chance to win many titles. This is my ambition and I don't think about anything else, that's why I get up every morning and work so hard."

Recently, Marca readers voted the second-league striker Raul de Tomas of Espanyol as a better number nine than Braithwaite


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