Arsenal suffering through their worst ever start in the Premier League!

Arsenal suffering through their worst ever start in the Premier League!

Sitting 14th on the Premier League table with only 13 points, no one was thinking that Arsenal wasn't having a bad start of the season. But the extent at which it was bad is truly staggering. Mikel Arteta was painted a prodigal young manager, a man with a magic wand that's going to make everything right, especially after the FA Cup triumph. Yet, after 10 league games, Arsenal are having the worst ever start in the Premier League era!

Going even further than that, their point tally is the lowest since the 1981/1982 season when they had 12 points! Obviously, this is also their lowest position on the table in the PL era after 10 games.

Arsenal also have the lowest goal difference since the league changed formats in 1992, standing at the embarrassing -2. Their goals-scored tally of 10 is also the lowest the club has ever managed in the PL era.

The manager Mikel Arteta was unconvincing after the loss to Wolves.

"This is our level today. We can beat anybody but we can lose as well because the margins are so minimal. We want to start to score more goals, obviously. The mountain is a big one to climb," said the Spaniard.

Last season, Unai Emery was sacked when Arsenal was 8th in the table after 13 games, with 1.38 points per game. Now, Arteta has 1.3 points per game after 10 matchdays. Emery's Arsenal also had a better goalscoring tally of 1.38 per match compared to 1 per match for Arteta.

Shots attempts are also shedding light with 12.5 per game for the sacked manager, and 9.5 fo Arteta.

"When we can train, that means that we have time, because we are playing every three days and that makes it really difficult to do that. We just try to improve this situation. More than the situations we create or not is the final ball that we deliver when we are in this situation and the amount of times that we hit the target with the situations that we create, which is not enough. It's down to me to find this solution, to put the players in the right positions and do it better," stated Arteta.

While the very-well connected journalist for all things Arsenal David Ornstein believes Arteta will survive the season no matter what, the Spaniard is still being asked about his future.

"It's something that, the day I decided to become a coach, I knew that one day I would be sacked or I would leave the football club. I don't know if that will be the day I sign my contract or in a month's time or in a year's time or in six months, so I never worry about that. My only concern is to get the best out of the players, give the best possible service to the club and become better and better. I know one day I will get the sack, I will leave, but I don't know when that is going to happen."

Arteta stated that after a few games the table will state how good is this Arsenal and how much they deserve. Their famously impatient fanbase is looking and waiting.

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