Another major injury for Tottenham: Winter signing Bergwijn out for the season

Another major injury for Tottenham: Winter signing Bergwijn out for the season

It seems that Tottenham just can't have nice things this season. After nearly countless injuries that have struck the squad, including those long-term ones for the key players like Harry Kane and Heung Son Min, another setback hit the Spurs. Winter signing Steven Bergwijn has been injured in the Saturday's 1:1 draw against Burnley and is most likely out for the season.

The 22-year-old was paid €32,000,000 this winter and had a solid start in London with two goals in seven matches played. Yet, an ankle injury will keep him out of the pitch for the remainder of the season, Jose Mourinho confirmed on a press conference before the Champions League match against RB Leipzig.

Besides Bergwijn, Ben Davies also suffered an injury although a lighter one. Mourinho explained how much are the two going to be out for.

"Ben one week, two weeks. Steven, I don’t expect him to play this season," said Mourinho.

Mourinho was asked if he ever faced an injury crisis like this as he is also missing Moussa Sissoko

"No, no, no and especially because we are speaking about, I don't know if I use the correct word, traumatic injuries. Only the Harry Kane injury was not traumatic injury but a typical injury of the December period in the Premier League. But all the others - Hugo Lloris, Sissoko, Sonny, Steven now. Everything traumatic and never for a couple of weeks - always, but that’s what it is. We are used to it." 

Yet Mourinho is still confident in his team saying that six or seven injured players aren't too different to five or six.

"We go with everything we have. And you can ask me: 'How can you score two goals minimum without Kane, Son, Bergwijn? How can you score two goals?' But there are many ways to score goals. Even a Leipzig player can do the same as Antonio Rudiger did and score for us so anything is possible in football - and we are very positive."


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