Ancelotti's former assistant reveals what makes Cristiano and Ibrahimovic special

Ancelotti's former assistant reveals what makes Cristiano and Ibrahimovic special

English assistant manager Paul Clement worked alongside Carlo Ancelotti at Chelsea, Paris Saint-Germain, and Real Madrid. So the Englishman had the privilege of working with better players than most English full-fledged managers.

Being a guest on the BBC Radio 5 Live's Euro Leagues podcast Clement spoke about what makes players like Cristiano Ronaldo and Zlatan Ibrahimovic special.

"Two special people and characters as players were Zlatan and Cristiano Of course, everyone can see the special talents they are on the pitch but on a personal level they are also interesting, funny and confident," started his expose Clement.

The Englishman revealed that Zlatan is the same behind the closed door as he is in front of the cameras.

"Zlatan does it very openly, speaks very confidently - and at times it is arrogance, but that is what he is. He used to be like that on a daily basis and would ask me questions such as: 'What is Didier Drogba like?' I would go into detail about what he is good at and Zlatan would be like, 'He is not as good as me' and would make you laugh."

The coach then stated how Ibra was demanding of his teammates and that shows in the brief time he spent at Milan in 2020. Even saying that some players were scared when they got an earful from Zlatan.

Clement then added to the mythos of Ronaldo's professionalism by revealing how his home was set to improve his performance.

"They were both very professional on and off the field. The way they looked after their bodies with recovery, knowledge of nutrition. At his house in Madrid, Cristiano had special recovery facilities that you would find at a club or a health spa. He had a cold plunge; he really invested in his profession and health. Those type of people go the extra mile."

A reminder of a great commercial Nike did way back with CR7 and Zlatan going head to head.


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