A blow for the defending champions as Portugal's joker Pedro Neto is set to miss on the Euro

A blow for the defending champions as Portugal's joker Pedro Neto is set to miss on the Euro

While Wolverhampton Wanderers aren't having the season on the level they had in the previous years, they had some shining spots in it. One of them being the youngster Pedro Neto's quick acclimatization to the burden of playing week in, week out in the Premier League. The winger also got into Portugal's squad and was seen as a lock for the upcoming Euros.

Yet, Wolves will have to finish the season without him and Portugal will have to defend the European crown without him as the player suffered a season-ending injury against Fulham. Neto left the play in the first half after his knee was jeopardized.

Wolves medical team found a significant injury to the player's patella, or the knee cap, and after consulting a specialist, surgery has been scheduled for the exciting talent. The club stated Neto is not expected to return in this season but his Euro's chances are gone too as he is to recover for six months. 

"Another obstacle that appears and that I will overcome as I did with every other. Difficult months to come, away from the place I like the most, but I will recover the best way to return stronger than ever... that’s guaranteed. Thank you all for the messages," wrote Pedro Neto on his social media.

The man who turned 21 last month played in 31 Premier League games for Wolves, starting only one of those games from the bench. The Portuguese youngster has scored five goals while making the same number of assists.

He played in two international games for Portugal and was seen as one of the great options Fernando Santos had, offering piercing runs and lucidity from the bench. Although his countrymen flourish in the attacking positions, Neto was definitely seen as an important part of the squad and is set to be its key player in the future nonetheless.


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    Shuaib Yunus Hassan 14.4.2021. 23:07:03
    Portugal have a bunch of talented players. He usually plays on the right and would have been back up for Bernando Silva. Trincao, who is also amazing talent would replace him

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