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UEFA announced using VAR in Nations League finals week


For the first time in a UEFA National Team competition, VAR will be used at the upcoming UEFA Nations League finals in Portugal and the coaches of the four finalist teams shared their views on the benefits of VAR.


Liverpool lift their sixth Champions League title


Liverpool fans, and only them, were left satisfied as The Reds defeated Tottenham 2:0 in one of the most disappointing Champions League finals in recent history. An early penalty goal decided the match which was mostly played in the middle of the field with few excitements.


The list of 22 Champions League winners


The most prestigious club's world competition is finishing with the final game of the 2018/2019 season. Tonight, Tottenham and Liverpool are playing for the glory!


Paid service report for May


We end up the month in a loss but have localised the mistakes that were made. Value is still on our side and in overall entire season looks decent. One more month to go this season.