10 most valuable teams in the world for the 2021/2022 season: Spurs the lone surprise, Italians blocked out

10 most valuable teams in the world for the 2021/2022 season: Spurs the lone surprise, Italians blocked out

After doing the breakdown of the most valuable players in the world according to Transfermarkt, we're taking a dive into looking at the 10 most valuable teams in the world for the 2021/2022 season. One major surprise is that Tottenham is placed over their fiercest rivals, while no Italian team, not even Juventus, making the top 10 is another noteworthy take.

10. Barcelona (La Liga) - €672,000,000

With the club in the worst financial hole of this century and perhaps even further, after having a yard sale of a transfer window last summer and losing big players this year, it's surprising Barca even made the list of most valuable teams in the 2021/2022 season. The Catalans didn't even buy players this summer (that they ended up keeping), they only leaned on free signings. There is one Barca player who made the list of the 10 most valuable players and that is Frenkie de Jong, labelled with €90,000,000 market value. The 18-year-old Pedri is valued at €80,000,000 already, and Ansu Fati, coming off an injury is at €60,000,000. Five more than Marc-Andre ter Stegen and 10 more than the perpetually-injured Ousmane Dembele. Barca has six more players valued at €20,000,000 or more, with Memphis Depay deserving of being marked higher than with €45,000,000.

9. Tottenham Hotspur (Premier League) - €697,000,000

The surprise guests on this list but that happens when you hold onto your key player. Harry Kane is the third most valuable player on the planet and is 17% of Spurs team at €120,000,000. Followed by the year-older Heung-min Son (29) who is valued at €85,000,000. Tanguy Ndombele is benefiting from having an unreasonably high transfer into north London as he has the value of €45,000,000 despite being inconsistent and even going on a strike of sorts. Pierre-Emile Hojbjerg more than paid off for Spurs following his €16,600,000 move and is now marked with a value tag of €40,000,000. THFC has 11 more players valued at €20,000,000 or more. For the time being, they'll settle for being ranked above Arsenal who has a value of €563,500,000.

8. Atletico Madrid (La Liga) - €745,900,000

The champions of Spain are below their city rivals and their security in the top 10 is admirable alone considering how far away they were a decade ago. Now, the side is led by the Real's academy product Marcos Llorente, valued at €80,000,000. Followed by a rare goalkeeper to top a team's value ranking with Jan Oblak being valued the same as the wonderkid Joao Felix - €70,000,000. With Koke and Jose Gimenez valued at 10 fewer and Antoine Griezmann holding out at 50 despite being 30 and coming off a disappointing stint at Barca. Cholo Simeone now has nine more players valued at €20,000,000 or more.

7. Real Madrid (La Liga) - €757,000,000

If someone told any football fan two years ago that Casemiro will be Real Madrid's most valuable player in the 2021/2022 season, they would've walked away. But he is, at a value of €70,000,000. While the prime suspect two years ago, Eden Hazard, is valued at €25,000,000. Same as the main star Karim Benzema, due to his age. Fede Valverde and Thibaut Courtois are joining Casemiro at the top with €65,000,000 and €60,000,000 in value. Overall, Real has 16 players valued at €20,000,000 or more.

6. Bayern Munich (Bundesliga) - €840,500,000

The lone representative of the Bundesliga as Borussia Dortmund tapped out at the 11th spot for the list of most valuable teams, with a MV of €603,900,000. Despite having such young talents like Erling Haaland and Jude Bellingham. Bayern's team is led by players in their prime, all 26-year-olds, Joshua Kimmich, Leon Goretzka, and Serge Gnabry, with the first one valued at €90,000,000 and the two at €70,000,000 each. Overall, Bayern has 14 players valued at €20,000,000, unsurprisingly considering their now trademark thin squad. Yet they leap their big European rivals by nearly a sum of 83 million euros.

5. Liverpool (Premier League) - €866,500,000

From this point on, it's the almost exclusive Premier League show. Mo Salah leads the pack of Reds as a €100,000,000 player, the joint-fourth in the world according to Transfermarkt. His partner up front Sadio Mane is second at €85,000,000 and Trent Alexander-Arnold is third with €75,000,000. A major feat for a right-back. LFC has 15 players valued at €20,000,000 or more, nine at €40,000,000 or more.

4. Chelsea (Premier League) - €890,500,000

One of the only two teams in the top 10 most valuable teams in the world which value is actually on the rise. Chelsea benefited from now having a Champions League-winning side. Also by bringing in Romelu Lukaku, who is also a €100,000,000 valued player after his €115,000,000 move this summer. Mason Mount at €75,000,000 and Kai Havertz at €70,000,000 are the young powers supporting CFC on this count. Chelsea actually skips the €20,000,000 mark and has 16 players valued at €30,000,000 or higher, 10 at €40,000,000 or higher, including the loanee Saul.

3. Manchester United (Premier League) - €907,250,000

Don't show this number to Ole Gunnar Solskjaer apologists as it would indicate that Manchester United can't be solely asked to reach the top four. A team with such value needs to attack the title. Bruno Fernandes and Jadon Sancho have the highest market value in this team with €90,000,000, followed by Marcus Rashford at €85,000,000. The Red Devils have 18 team members who are valued at €20,000,000 or higher, and seven at €50,000,000 or more, Cristiano Ronaldo not included as he is at €45,000,000 due to being 36.

2. Paris Saint-Germain (Ligue 1) - €990,200,000

Just on the brink of a billion and could break the line if some of its players explodes in the coming months of the season. When a top three consists of Leo Messi at €80,000,000, Neymar at €100,000,000, and the world's most valuable player Kylian Mbappe at €160,000,000, it's easy to understand why PSG is first. The Parisians have 16 players with an MV of €20,000,000 or higher, six at €65,000,000 or higher. But a possible departure of Mbappe next summer could significantly drop their rank in the next year's list.

1. Manchester City (Premier League) - €1,080,000,000

The only team that is past the billion mark of its team, and while having a pretty calm transfer window this summer for their standards. Manchester City’s team strength is best illustrated by stating that they are nearly 100 million euros away from Paris Saint-Germain. City is a team boasting two €100,000,000 players with Kevin De Bruyne and Jack Grealish. While Raheem Sterling is having a surprisingly high value considering he doesn't have a place in Pep Guardiola's team for more than a whole season, at €90,000,000. Phil Foden is close by at €80,000,000. City has 18 players in the squad with a value of €20,000,000 or more and a staggering 11 with a value of €50,000,000 or more! While they missed on getting Harry Kane this summer but won't be denied for long probably.

How long until this list of most valuable teams of the world is populated by Newcastle United?


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