New York Red Bulls - all you need to know

 New York Red Bulls - all you need to know

The Big Apple is too vast just for one team and the Red Bull ownership knew that. They took the east coast's (some would say the world's) most important city and gifted it with a club that serves a double service. Sure, the New York Red Bulls have sporting and commercial goals of them all. But they are an important clog in the Red Bull's football machinery, placed just below Red Bull Salzburg in the pecking order.

As illustrated by the Austrian champions being led by an American Jesse Marsch. With the numerous American players that went through or are still in the European Bulls. Both of them. The manager Jesse Marsch led the New York Red Bulls since 2015 to 2018 before going to RB Leipzig as an assistant to then leading Salzburg as the head coach. A poster boy for the Red Bull's football empire.

Tyler Adams is the playing poster child for the Red Bull's American connection, as the 21-year-old graduated from New York to join the ambitious Leipzig in 2019 after being moulded in the NY RB Academy and then playing for the NYC's Red Bull second and first team.

Red Bull Football Teams

Red Bull clubs across the world, in USA, Austria, Germany, and Brazil, are all separate entities. They do require transfers for players to move between them unlike in the case of affiliated clubs like Red Bull Salzburg and FC Liefering which is basically a second team to the Austrian champions.

Yet, all Red Bull football teams are working in unison. It’s a worldwide factory line with the ultimate goal of winning the Bundesliga and the Champions League.

There are four Red Bull clubs - the oldest Red Bull Salzburg.

The most important one - RB Leipzig. As it plays in the best league, the German Bundesliga and has the toughest task in order to get silverware.

The scouting one - Red Bull Brasil. A club that operates in the fourth tier of the Brazilian football pyramid and is a placeholder for the club to scout and test out talent from the massive footballing country.

The American one - for the lack of a better term. As New York Red Bulls team is hard to describe simplistically as the team has multiple purposes. It's an important beacon for Red Bull in the lucrative American sports. With the best market ever an expensive megalopolis city that never sleeps - they probably need energy drinks - and in a sport that is only to grow in the United States of America.

There was the fifth club in the family, called Red Bull Africa located in Ghana, that was also focused on grabbing local talent but it is now defunct.

New York Red Bulls history

The second oldest Red Bull club, New York became home to the two bulls locking horns in a big way back in 2006. But the club was established in 1994 as the New York/New Jersey MetroStars and began playing in the inaugural MLS season in 1996.

When the Red Bull bought the club, the colours changed to fit the company which has invested in it.

With the MLS being so young and many teams in the league being even younger than NYC RB, sporting success should be attainable. And it has been achieved. Well, in some way that is.

Because the New York Red Bulls are playing in the American system, they've topped their league on three occasions, in 2013, 2015, and 2018, but have only won the symbolic Supporters' Shield for it. As the league is played in the play-off system.

New York Red Bulls stadium

Sharing the name of the home of their German brothers, New York Red Bulls stadium is also called the Red Bull Arena. While the Allianz group who sponsors multiple stadiums across the world has tried to individualise each of them, with the most famous being Allianz Arena of Bayern Munich, Allianz Stadium of Juventus, Allianz Riviera of Nice, and Allianz Field in St. Paul Minnesota among others.

Red Bull Arena in the states is found on the waterfront in the Riverbend District of Harrison, New Jersey across the Passaic River from Newark and approximately 12 kilometres west of Lower Manhattan.

The team shares the stadium with a women's team Sky Blue FC who competes in the top female league in the US.

Having the capacity of 25,000 places, it is the 13th largest stadium in the MLS but the third biggest when it comes to arenas that are specifically built for soccer.

The ground of the new stadium, as the Metro Stars used the Giants stadium, was laid out in 2006 but the stadium was built in 2010. During the takeover of the club, Red Bull bought out AEG's $100 million shares of the stadium.

New York Red Bulls logo

The crest of the New York Red Bulls is almost identical to the one boasted by Red Bull Salzburg as it has two red bulls locking horns over a football ball, with the phrase "Red Bull" over it in red, and the city's name in navy blue below. The bulls are combating over the yellow circle that is found on the Red Bull logo as a company and its cans.

While in Germany and RB Leipzig, there is no yellow circle and the bulls are drawn like they are in motion.

New York Red Bulls kit

In terms of kits, the Red Bull teams are more uniformed. With the home New York Red Bulls jersey in the home variant consisting of a white shirt with grey details and the Red Bull logo as the shirt sponsor. New York Red Bulls sporting sponsor is Adidas.

The club's away, or secondary shirt as they call it in the US, is the moneymaker as it is called dark mode jersey and looks amazing. It's black with only red details, the sponsors and the club crest, logo and numbers.

New York Red Bulls players

The total value of the New York Red Bulls squad is €28,000,000 according to Transfermarkt. Laughably smaller than that of Red Bull Salzburg (€144,000,000) not to mention Leipzig (€527,000,000).

Paraguayan international Kaku (25) is the club's most valuable player at €4,000,000.

New York Red Bulls' players are mostly from the United States although there are players from Europe - Germany, Denmark, France, but the rest of the world too - Ghana, Egypt, Nigeria.

New York Red Bulls most notable player was Thierry Henry, as the legendary French striker moved to MLS to finish his career, playing for the club for four years and scoring 52 goals.

But New York Red Bulls most profeciant player is Bradley Wright-Phillips, the brother of the more famous Shaun and son of the former Arsenal and England player Ian Wright. The English forward played 195 games for the Bulls and scored 108 goals.

New York Red Bulls manager

The New York Red Bulls are led by Gerhard Struber, an Austrian manager who led all sides of Red Bull Salzburg's youth setup and FC Liefering before moving to Wolfsberger and Barnsley before coming back into the embrace of the Red Bull.

New York Red Bulls training facility

The Red Bulls training facility is located in Hanover Township, New Jersey and opened in June 2013. The $6,000,000 facility covers about 15 acres of the 73-acre property and includes four fields, three grass and one turf, each the size of the one at Red Bull Arena.

Previously, the NY Red Bulls led a nomadic existence, making use of several other training grounds before finishing construction of their own Hanover facility.

New York Red Bulls marketing staff

As the Red Bull network is wide and established, it was to be expected that the club would have a better online presence as it is operating in the capital of marketing.

Yet, as is the case for American sports teams, the clubs need to follow a standard when it comes to their online presence. Making the New York Red Bulls' site inferior to those of RB Leipzig and Red Bull Salzburg.

No doubt, Red Bull's experience as a company in content creation regarding extreme sports, sports, video games, and music definitely helped with that. But in the US, the organisation is shackled by MLS's restrictions somewhat and the website has an old feel to it, too clunky and not well designed.

While New York Red Bulls are definitely the third order of importance in the hierarchy, the whole Red Bull football family would get even more legitimized if the American sibling got his hand on some proper silverware. 

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