Guardiola mocks Spurs president while talking about Kane's transfer: Big master of negotiation Levy knows everything

Josip Brajkovic
Josip Brajkovic
Published: 28.8.2021.

Guardiola mocks Spurs president while talking about Kane's transfer: Big master of negotiation Levy knows everything

With all the money in the world seemingly, Manchester City still failed to bring their main transfer target of the summer in Harry Kane. For almost the entirety of the summer the transfer saga raged on only to have the striker announce he would be staying this summer. Now, City's boss Pep Guardiola explained what happened with the deal that wasn't meant to be.

For months Spurs were holding out to their evaluation of €175,000,000, yet reports state that City was only offering €117,000,000, the same sum they gave for Jack Grealish. With the 100 million pounds not even coming in bulk, but almost a quarter of it being dependent on performance bonuses.

Yet Guardiola states that in reality, City did everything they could.

"The club did absolutely everything. We didn’t talk about Tottenham, not even one offer, because they didn’t want to negotiate and when only one team wants to negotiate, there is nothing to say. It is understandable. Tottenham didn’t want to talk so we didn’t talk. The moment they open the door, maybe we will see. Maybe they say we want ?200million, we will not pay ?200 million for one reason: because we don’t have it," stated Guardiola.

The Spanish tactician then went to the body of Spurs and seemingly mocked the Spurs president Daniel Levy and his demeanour in the negotiations.

"So we tried to open the door to negotiate but the big master of the big negotiation Daniel Levy knows everything, and he would not do it. Maybe I would do the same if I had Harry Kane in my team but he is a Tottenham Hotspur player. I wish him all the best for the rest of his career and doing well in London."

It's interesting to note that Spurs offered Kane a new contract mid-August, which he rejected. Now, he is seemingly interested in getting €466,000 per week but THFC still has him on three-year contract. While City fans hold their hopes high when reading into Kane's statement earlier this week, as he stated he will be staying in London this summer. Not framing it as this season. Possibly opening the route to a winter exit.


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