Bale: I came to Spurs to become match-fit for the Euros, my plan is to go back to Madrid

Josip Brajkovic
Josip Brajkovic
Published: 23. ožujka 2021.

Bale: I came to Spurs to become match-fit for the Euros, my plan is to go back to Madrid

Gareth Bale has been a star ­­- and even a superstar at one point in time - for years now yet the Welshman has still to master the art of speaking to the media. The on-loan Real Madrid player spoke about his reasoning for returning to Tottenham Hotspur and it will not sit well with the London club faithful. Nor his teammates or manager.

Jose Mourinho was caught on cameras during this season saying to Bale that he should press on in training if he doesn't want to return to Santiago Bernabeu and sit on the bench. While the Welshman had an option to extend his loan for another year, his goal is indeed to return to Madrid for the last year of his contract.

"There’s no distraction for me. I think the main reason I came to Spurs this year was to play football first and foremost. Going into the Euros I wanted to be match-fit. The original plan was to do a season at Spurs and after the Euros still have a year left at Real Madrid. My plan is to go back, that’s as far I have planned," said Bale to The Standard.

Bale has scored 10 times in 25 appearances for Spurs this season, but half of those goals have come in the cup competitions, though he has scored four times in his last four Premier League appearances.

While he is entering good form, the Spurs are still rocked by the Europa League elimination by Dinamo Zagreb and the statements couldn't have come in a worse period.

To make matters worse, while on international duty, he commented that it is envigorating to leave London because of the situation the club is in.

"Over the last few years this is probably the most match fitness I’ve had. I’m feeling fresh and ready to go. I always think when things aren’t going too well at a club, it’s nice to get away, especially mentally, get away from the club environment. Definitely it can be a benefit. We focus on these games for Wales, which are very important for us. We forget club life and concentrate on this."

The fans have already added on to the joke circulating some time back about Bale and his commitment. Wales. Golf. Madrid. Spurs. In that order.


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