Biggest Stadiums in the UK by Capacity

Josip Brajkovic
Josip Brajkovic
Published: 29. lipnja 2023.

United Kingdom. Birthplace of football. Still obsessed with its creation like no other. It's hence only natural for this nation to have worthy homes for the sport and the clubs. Seemingly every village has a football ground in the rain-covered land. While they each have their charm, it's the biggest stadiums in the UK by capacity that we are exploring today.

The UK has some of the biggest stadiums in Europe, yet not all are located in England as one might expect, the home of the strongest national league in the world. Two of the top 10 biggest stadiums in the UK are in the smaller entities of the union, Wales and Scotland.

Biggest Stadiums in the UK by Capacity

The United Kingdom is a country of many sports, and truly there are rugby fields that would be in the top five of the biggest stadiums in the UK by capacity. But here were are just looking at the biggest football stadiums in the United Kingdom.

#10 St James' Park (Newcastle United) - 52,305

St James' Park (Newcastle United)

All those waiting to call Newcastle an instant big club due to Saudi money will have a tough time ignoring the fact that St James’ Park has been one of the biggest stadiums in the UK for a while. Its last expansion was finished in 2000, yet a top-10 stadium in England has saw its team in the second tier a few times over the years. Known for its very steep terraces, St James Park is one of the most recognizable grounds in the world.

#9 Anfield Roud (Liverpool) - 53,394

Anfield Roud (Liverpool)

Very soon, we will have to update this list and put Liverpool FC's stadium three spots ahead. As the expansion works will bring the ground to a capacity of 61,000! This is the second time in a decade that the legendary stadium has been expanded, doing so previously between 2014 and 2016. Anfield will hence be the second largest English stadium not located in London.

#8 Etihad (Manchester City) - 55,097

Etihad (Manchester City)

Yet another club that has been shamed into being an instant grand, even though its massive stadium has been around for long before the United Arab Emirates money came in. Construction on The City of Manchester Stadium began in 1999 and the ground was opened in 2003, however it was expanded from 47,400 to 55,097 seats in the 2013/2014 season. Even without the latest expansion, the Manchester City ground would be in the top 15 biggest stadiums in the UK by capacity.

#7 Emirates (Arsenal) - 60,260

Emirates (Arsenal)

Seemingly, the stadium which began the modern era of clubs getting new homes for themselves. Arsenal was on its trademark Highbury for a long time before the switch to the modern Emirates in 2006. A cost of €455,000,000 was required for AFC to get a competitive ground, even though the spending hindered the sporting successes of the club for a while.

#6 Celtic Park (Celtic) - 60,411

Celtic Park (Celtic)

The first of the 10 biggest stadiums in the UK by capacity that isn't located in England. Scotland has two grounds in top 15, but it's Celtic that gets the bragging rights over Rangers' Ibrox Stadium which has a capacity of 50,817. With nearly 10,000 people more, Celtic Park is a massive ground for any country, any league. The last time it was renovated was in 1998 but considering the stadium is out in the open, further expansion is possible. Altough probably not necessary.

#5 London Stadium (West Ham United) - 62,500

London Stadium (West Ham United)

The most controversial of the stadiums on this list of largest football grounds in the UK. For a few years, West Ham fans could've bragged about having the biggest stadium out of all the London clubs, yet they never truly fell in love with the place built for the London Olympic Games. Even though the track and field space isn't as large as it is in some stadiums, like the Olympiastadion Berlin, the Hammers would've still preferred a football-specific home.

#4 Tottenham Hotspur Stadium (Tottenham) - 62,850

Tottenham Hotspur Stadium

Edging out their rivals for the title of the biggest London stadium by just 350 seats, it's the new THFC stadium. Tottenham’s massive and impressive-looking ground has been a massive financial undertaking. It’s stated that 1.2 billion pounds were spent on the entire project! Opened in 2019, the naming rights for the ground still haven’t been sold surprisingly. The club is reportedly seeking 20 million pounds per year for a naming deal that would last 10 years. Yet the market is hesitant to respond properly.

#3 Millennium Stadium (Wales national team) - 73,971

Millennium Stadium (Wales national team)

One of the grounds that is used for a variety of sports, less so for football now as the Wales NT moved to Cardiff City stadium for the most part. Yet considering even a Champions League final was played here in 2017, between Juventus and Real Madrid, we had to include it. Opened in 1999, the stadium has been renamed for sponsorships into Principality Stadium back in 2016 for a period of 10 years.

#2 Old Trafford (Manchester United) - 74,140

Old Trafford (Manchester United)

The stadium with an unrivalled nickname - Theatre of Dreams. Still the biggest club stadium in the UK, and by a large margin. A lot of Manchester United's spending power comes from the matchday income multiplied by the 74,140 people attending the games live. The last time Old Trafford was renovated was in 2006 and in 2021 the ownership addressed the need to up the standards. Yet with MUFC close to a sale, that will most likely be a venture for the new caretakers.

#1 Wembley (England national team) - 90,000

Wembley (England national team)

The biggest stadium in the UK by capacity and the second-largest ground in Europe! The construction on the new Wembley Stadium began in 2003 and ended in 2007, with a construction cost of 1.27 billion pounds converted for inflation. In addition to England's national team home games, the ground is used for FA Cup final, League Cup final, Community Shield game, Football League Trophy, and the Football League play-offs among other uses. Its 134-metre-high arch has become a skyline landmark of London in itself. Wembley will stage the 2024 UEFA Champions League Final as well.


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