Zlatibor Č - TSC Bačka Topola

Asian Handicap
Pick: TSC -1.75
Odds: 1.97
Stake: 1

Match date: 27/10/2021

Cup, 1 game. 

Zlatibor Čajetina was a member of the Serbian Superliga in the previous season but they were relegated since they don't have enough capacity to be amongst the best teams in the country. This season, in 2nd tier, they still can't find themselves and the team looks very poor at the moment, third from the bottom, and are in catastrophic series of 4 losses in last 5. 

Visitors are the 1st tier team with good infrastructure, a team that is projected to finish amongst top5 teams in Superliga. Just recently, the new wave and new creations are happening in Bačka Topola - they got the modern stadium, they changed the poor head coach, and the team is expected to do way better than they did so far. 

Quality gap is big between those two and nothing but an easy win for visitors is expected. Can imagine 1-3 or 0-3 today despite the fact is a cold day and the field might not be great. 

Odds dropped, but if I did post in the early morning on -1.5 probably only one person would take it. It starts soon, be ready for in running bets.  

WIN Score: 0:4 Profit: +0.97
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  • 1
    Jugoslav 27/10/2021 12:51:21
    Overreaction a bit, it's not a "cold" day, is a sunny day with 10-13c.
  • 2
    Maradona 27/10/2021 15:01:09
    Who says Krstajic was a poor coach
  • 3
    Jugoslav 27/10/2021 16:02:25
    Maradona: Who says Krstajic was a poor coach

    Sometimes im harsh with words maybe would be better to say he is not "good enough" for this level
  • 4
    Maradona 27/10/2021 16:12:43
    No, I think you're too kind in fact cause he is terrible to be honest. I was just kidding. Of course he deserved to be fired.
    I know one of the national team players from WC in Russia. So I heard from first hand about Krstajic's coaching skills. It's pretty much the same as Kokeza's leadership skills. But as much he sucks as a coach, by the words of the player I know, Krstajic is triple more bad as a person. By the way, no problems here, it was easy winner. Congrats.

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