Wales - Albania

Under / Over
Pick: under 2.25
Odds: 1.71
Stake: 1

Match date: 05/06/2021

Two teams that naturally play defensive football, Wales will participate in the next Europeans, while Albania will have to wait until September to play the next official match. Wales that has already played a friendly match losing clearly from the strong France a few days ago so today it is very difficult for him to employ all the same men. For the Albanians it is the first exit after the races held for the World Cup qualifiers in March in which he lost only against the English, winning the other two games with teams within their reach such as Andorra and San Marino. I expect this afternoon a game that will be led by Wales and an Albania that will try to hit a throw-in but I also think it would be important for the Albanians not to lose and given that Wales played a few days ago it is not even difficult that they can bring some points. at home in a race which, however, I see very closed.

WIN Score: 0:0 Profit: +0.71
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