Wacker Innsbruck - Dornbirn

Under / Over
Pick: Over 3 goals
Odds: 2.02
Stake: 1

Match date: 09/04/2021

This line should be at least equalized.

In last round Wacker Innsbruck had to play with many youngsters in defence, having an injury crisis in that sector, had a player banned ( youngster def. Alibi) and loose 2-1.

Hosts suffered 14g in 11 home matches, for this match key def. Kofler ( 19 1g) and Grujic ( 17) remain quarantined, Wostry ( def.8+2) is a new miss, Fridikas ( att.5g) is doubtful after knock in last match, Meusberger and Doksy ( def.4sub) remain absentees.

Dornibirn is only five points over relegation, in last round won 4-2 against Horn but suffered the loose of midf. Domig ( 20 3g), while the already were without key def. Jokic ( 17) and also if they suffered only 13g far from home performances before last round ( six losses), shown they suffered only in one occasion only one goal and three ones in all other matches, scoring, too.

So, both teams have stats in favour of this bet, plus, Wacker Innsbruck remain with heavy deficiencies at the back and will play only four days after almost all second half played in ten men.

This should be another match with various goals scored by both teams.

LOST Score: 1:0 Profit: -1
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