Vitoria - Operario

Asian Handicap
Pick: Vitoria -0.25
Odds: 2.05
Stake: 1

Match date: 14/06/2021

Odds seems a bit high here, against Vitoria the circumstance that after second leg in Copa do Brasil they made only one training session and only three days passed from that match.

But it is true that Operario played last time on ninth of June, but guests remain in big troubles with rooster.

Guests loose 5-2 in last Brasilerao B match against Guarani, ever with many absences were able to resist till final minutes in Paranaense match against Londrina, but this will be second away match in few days for Operario and hosts are undefeated in last 15 home rounds.

Cause covid remain unavailable regular keeper Sim?o ( 2), left back Fabiano ( 1sub starter last season in B), midf. Leandrinho ( 2 1g), strikers Alem?o, Jean Carlo ( 2 1g) and Rafael Oller ( 1 sub 4g last season). last season key def. Bonfim, newcomer midf. Santos and midf. Cleyton remain out too, didn't play in Brasilerao, yet, but often starters in statal championship.

Alex Silva ( def.2) suspended is a new miss respect statal match against Londrina, newcomer striker Felipe Garcia ( 1) is out, too.

With all these problems trainer says that also a draw can be considered a good result.

Vitoria recovers laterals Inocencio and Pedrinho ( 1) respect cup match, Ronan ( midf.1sub), Rend and Wesley remain out as last season first keeper Ronaldo ( 1).

Apart less time to rest, Vitoria with one draw and one defeat in Brasilerao, they need a win and qualification in cup against Internacional gave them a great moral boost, hosts can win against a team without near half of their starters and other problems.

HALF LOST Score: 0:0 Profit: -0.5
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