Vitesse - Zwolle

Asian Handicap
Pick: Vitesse -1
Odds: 1.96
Stake: 1

Match date: 01/05/2021

Hosts only motivated team here, Zwolle is in no man land and practically sure to remain out from relegation fight, while for Vitesse high cances to join CL qualification group.

Hosts remain strong favourites also cause the high number of misses and covid wave in Zwolle's field.

Van Poolen ( def.22+2 4g), Rejinders ( midf.17+11 3g), Pherai ( midf.13+11 1g), Van Duinene ( att.12+10 3g), Van Wermerskerken ( def.22), Buitink ( att.9 2g), Misisdjian ( att.12+2 4g) are all injuried, other six unnamed players have covid, so trainer decide to put youngsters on field:

“Unfortunately, we miss a lot of players on Saturday and have not been able to train much this week. Younger players from their own youth now get the chance to really show themselves "

Unfortunatly for this bet Vitesse has the defense depleted by absences with Dasa ( 27), Rasmussen ( 26 2g), Wittek ( 29 1g) all out. But only the last - with midf. Bazoer ( 26 4g) and Tronstadt ( 19+1 1g) - is a new miss respect the scoreless draw against Feyenoord in last round.

Zwolle comes from two wins, but their situation shouldn't permit them to gain anything here in spite of so0me strong absences for home team, that should be able to win also with more then one goal of advantage having intact their attacking line.

VOID Score: 2:1 Profit: 0
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