Vitesse - FC Utrecht

Asian Handicap
Pick: Vitesse AH +0
Odds: 1.75
Stake: 1

Match date: 12/01/2021
These odds seems too much against a team that loose only two times far from home, but won only one match, too. Utrecht is also with only one defeat in last ten, but only one win, too.
Three of the eight draws arrived against teams in higher part of table but last two against Groningen and Az at home and in latest minutes of match.

Guests remain without first keeper Paes, Elia ( att.6+8 2g) starter in last match is a new miss, Iago ( def. 11) remain out, too.

Vitesse in great form till end of november, then suffered a bit downtrend but returned to win after little winter pause.

They can count on strong home performances, specially in defense with only three goals suffered.
Tronstad ( mdif.9+1) is out today.

Results of Utrecht depends in much part from their attack, that obscure a defence that sufferes a lot - seven goals in last four matches with ever in goal second keeper Oeschlagel - , but today they meet a team with one of the three best defences in league, this time should be hard for them remain undefeated."
WIN Score: 1:0 Profit: +0.75
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  • 1
    mrgol 12/01/2021 11:33:19
    Forgot to add Vitesse only undefeated team at home with PSV ( 6-1-0)
  • 2
    mrgol 12/01/2021 11:43:56
    mrgol: Forgot to add Vitesse only undefeated team at home with PSV ( 6-1-0) and Feyenoord