Asian Handicap
Pick: GBK(+0.5)
Odds: 2.22
Stake: 1

Match date: 30/08/2021

Hometeam VIFK are in 8th place with stats 5-1-7/goals:18-28 and their last 4 homegames stats 0-0-4/goals:1-7.VIFK come to miss today midfielder Eddie Hiekkanen(11/3),attacker HAnnes Hiekkanen(13/3),keeper Mika Kaarre,defender Jonas Pitkakangas(6/1),attacker Lutumba Etoka(5/1),midfielder Hamad Ahmedi(7/1) and Roope Vahalahti(9/0).

Awayteam GBK are 2nd bottom in table with stats  2-3-10/goals:9-38.Their last 5 awaygames stats 1-2-2/goals:4-6.GBK have restrenghtened their squad middle of this season with experienced midfielderVille Luokkala and defender Jere Moilanen.

Both these teams are bottomranked in this group and i cant see overall big differences between these teams so i gived GBK to chance take something out from this game.

WIN Score: 0:2 Profit: +1.22
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