Velež Mostar - Elfsborg

UEFA Conference League
Asian Handicap
Pick: Elfsborg -0.5
Odds: 2.11
Stake: 1

Match date: 12/08/2021

Velež Mostar surprised many people with holding Elfsborg to 1-1 in Sweden. hosts were priced 1,30 about to win in the first game but the away side survived at the end with a good result. Now, we got Elfsborg 2,10 to win on the road and we all know that Elfsborg plays the best football on the home field. Simply, they didn't use their chances in the first game, despite domination. Velež are from Mostar but uses Sarajevo's stadium for this game because of UEFA rules - anyway, big support is expected. Velež can be proud of a very good fans base and we will surely see an excellent atmosphere in today's game on stands. Even neutral fans love Velež - interesting info: president of the domestic rival club Tuzla City promised 200k premiums for players if Velež passes further.

But, odds attract me to go with Elfsborg today. In the end, I feel this is the end of Velež's road in Europe - Elfsborg is definitely the better side of the two, they also hope to make group stages and have big ambitions too. Even if I like Velez and I like the attitude showed so far, good fitness, can't say any good for attacking performance. If Elfsborg goes for an early goal and scores, it will be very hard for Velež to get back into the game.

WIN Score: 1:4 Profit: +1.11
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