Varaždin - Rijeka

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Pick: AH +0.75 Varaždin
Odds: 1.97
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Match date: 23/01/2021
Varaždin and Rijeka are playing first Saturday game of the 17th round of the 1st Croatian football league, match will be played from 3 pm, and the weather forecast in Varaždin is - rain.

Varaždin played all 16 games in the first part of the season last year, while Rijeka played only 11, but on Tuesday played remaining game against Dinamo and made a surprise by winning in Zagreb with result 2:0.

Varaždin has won only 12 points so far and is the ninth of 10 clubs in the league, and in the second part of the season will fight to stay in the league (only the last club will go to 2nd division). For Varaždin, every point is very important and although Rijeka is a better team and has 23 points in fourth place, the hosts have serious expectations from this game. 37 days ago, these two clubs played in the Croatian Cup and Varaždin led 1:0 until the last 10 minutes, and then conceded two naive goals and lost 1:2.

For Varaždin defense is the biggest problem because they have failed to keep a clean sheet in their last 10 games and have conceded 29 goals, the most in the league. Coach Zoran Kastel has especially worked on this segment in winter preparation and says that his team is much more compact and stronger in defence than before.
Today home team is missing midfielders Kolarić and Gjera Djou due to injuries, but it should not be a bigger handicap, and Kastel announced a more defansively sistem 4-3-2-1 with an excellent Colombian Obregon in attack and two fast wingers Peco and Petković.

On Tuesday, Rijeka beat then leading Dinamo, although 2:0 result is quite misleading. Dinamo was a much better and more active team, but didn't take advantage of many opportunities, including a penalty defended by Rijeka goalkeeper Nevistić. In the second half, Rijeka scored two goals from two excellent counter-attacks, which are its strongest weapon, especially in away games.

Today, coach of Rijeka Simon Rožman has significant problems with absences in defense because Galović, Smolčić, Capan and Štefulj have been suspended due to three yellow cards, while Velkovski is injured. That's five defenders and Rožman has little solution left for the back line, only Galešić and Escoval from the central defenders and only recovered from injury Arsenić, who is actually a right back. It is questionable, therefore, whether the formation will be 3-5-2 or perhaps 4-4-2.

This is a game in which Rijeka is the favorite, but this team not suited rivals who defend themselves and leaves little space in his part of the pitch. The guests don't have real creative players and they rely mostly on strong rhythm and combinatorics, which again will not be easy on the field, which will be muddy and difficult to play. Varaždin will be very combative and aggressive, every game is a qualification for him and it will not be easy for the guests to reach three points, and the new defense of Rijeka could be insecure.

Bookmakers believe in Rijeka, but we believe in a surprise that Varaždin will not lose this match, because in this league no one club gives up in advance, nor easily drops points, especially at home. Last season, in two games here, Rijeka won 2:0 once, and second match ended 0:0. Again, it smells like an uncertain match, in which will not be easy to create many chances and goals."
WIN Score: 2:1 Profit: +0.97
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  • 1
    CK 23/01/2021 05:24:15
    good analysis

  • 2
    kaskader 23/01/2021 05:38:28
    CK: good analysis

    Last time Rijeka beat Varaždin in the Cup with a lot of luck. I believe that this time it will be opposite scenario because the host is a solid team who can play good, while Rijeka is a little overestimated and has problems when need to play offensively. Rain and worse pitch should help the home team to defend better.
  • 3
    CK 23/01/2021 15:49:14
    Looking good bro...2-0 at HT
  • 4
    23/01/2021 16:00:33
    Looking very very good

  • 6
    siroki35 23/01/2021 17:04:37
    Thanks for the real info. I still played live at 2: 0 on Rijeka-0.5, they woke up a little late.

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