Valencia - Granada

1X2 / Moneyline
Pick: Valencia
Odds: 2.05
Stake: 1

Match date: 21/03/2021

Guests should start to show a bit of tiredness, also if not all srong starters played in defeat against Molde in EL.

Granada played 46 games in the season, in whole Europe, only Tottenham played one more match and in various occasions they werfe affected by covid and other important misses.

Today remain unavailable Milla ( midf.14+2 1g), cotopscorer Suarez ( 5g), Neva ( def. 20), Soro ( midf.1+11 1g), while Fouquier ( def. 23) is doubtful. Yesterday trainer declares there are various players with knocks, too, so first eleven remain quite unknown.

Granada is nine goals far from european places, but probably main target is now to go on in EL, after first historic qualification to quarter finals and next rival will be Manchester Utd the week after NT break.

Valencia is only six points far from relegation zone and needs points, three defeats, all far from home, in last seven rounds, when they won all three home matches played, too.

Respect defeat against levante hosts recover Gaya ( def. 23), Soler ( topscorer 7g), Racik ( midf.16+4 1g) and cosecond scorer Maxi Gomez ( 5g) from ban, Soler and Gaya are the best assistmen of the team, too, so respect last match the first eleven will be a lot strenghtned by these returns.

Mangala ( def.4+1) and Piccinni ( 0) remain the only absences for hosts.

Valencia improved - specially at home - in 2021, hungry for points against relegation and fresh can be fully concentrated on this match, while against Granada plays tiredness, some important players against out and possible other not in best conditions, the last position in away matches ( 2-3-8 13/28 worst away defense, too) and maybe a sort of contentment after the result joined in Europe.

WIN Score: 2:1 Profit: +1.05
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  • 1
    Bullet 21/03/2021 11:50:46
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  • 2
    mrgol 21/03/2021 11:55:28
    Bullet: You are the best, high limits, liquidity, everything is at the top level.

    Thanks for good words, high limits probably consequence that often my bets are on major leagues, where is easier to find many and surer infos, hoping in a good end for this one, thanks again
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