Uruguay vs Chile

Asian Handicap
Pick: Chile +0.50
Odds: 1.757
Stake: 1

Match date: 21/06/2021

I'm going strong here because the market is upside down for me

Uruguay will have many names, but the operation of the celeste fell a lot

Draw at home against Paraguay but without a performance that has led him to justify the supposed victory

Visit to Venezuela that had neither Rondon nor Soteldo, today the two best Venezuelan players and it was also a 0-0 draw where even Venezuela had the best moments.

And yesterday against the Argentine team it was widely dominated, it only had 15 minutes of the second half where, based on centers, it could generate some danger, but it was the Argentine team that handled the ball and had the clearest chances.

You notice a decline, a wear and tear of the cycle directed by the teacher Tabarez.

Not only do they not win but they have not scored even a goal for 4 games, even with Cavani and Suarez in the lead

And from Chile I see an improvement, because in the draws against the Argentine team I did not leave a bad image, in the first game the tie was fair, perhaps not so much in the second game but it was not the image that Uruguay left.

?And in both games against Bolivia, he deserved much more because he always found a Lampe in God mode, if it had not been for him he would have been thrashed.

Chile with the base of the golden generation continues to bear fruit from its game and now I add Ben Brereton who brought him the freshness of Alexis Sanchez and had a great debut in the last game scoring a goal

I do not see differences between one team and another as of today and what's more, I see Chile as the favorite to win because of the performance that the two teams have been bringing.

WIN Score: 1:1 Profit: +0.76
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    Nestor 21/06/2021 01:22:56
    the quota took tremendous value because there was talk of 6 or 7 starters out due to indiscipline, but finally it was confirmed by the same DT from Chile that all are available. They will only be charged an economic fine

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