Unterhaching : Waldhof Mannheim

Asian Handicap
Pick: Waldhof Mannheim 0
Odds: 1.69
Stake: 1

Match date: 05/05/2021

Unterhaching, a suburb of the City of Munich practically already relegated and when losing today and Meppen at least would grab a point at Zwickau their fate would be definitely sealed. Really astonishing that nonetheless the club Mthanagement has stuck with coach Arie Van Lent and they will even keep this coach for the upcoming Regionalliga season. What a sign by this club in times of so many coach sackings in General. In the end Lent should not be the main reason for this disappointing season as the new course of this Club to strictly focus on young talented players has turned out to be as a course too harsh to be able to cope with Bundesliga 3 standards. They also mostly had problems with lots of important injured players. For this match they have to do without the Service of Hufnagel, Marseiler, Göttlicher, Welzmüller, Stahl and Kaltner only to name the most important ones. The guests from the South West of Germany are not safe yet. Under coach Patrick Glöckner they are also playing a rather disappointing season. They have also suffered a lot from a big injury crisis but at least for this game they could again welcome back important players like Christiansen or Seegert who are very important especially for the defensive stability. I know Waldhof has bad stats when playing at Haching but under the current circumstances I cannot see them losing this game.

WIN Score: 0:2 Profit: +0.69
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