United Arab Emirates - Malaysia

Asian Handicap
Pick: home -1.25
Odds: 1.88
Stake: 1

Match date: 03/06/2021

It is played in Dubai in the United Arab Emirates and this match is probably the last call for the emirates team to get back in the running for the next World Cup in Qatar in 2022. The fight for first place and the consequent passage to the next round is very complicated but not impossible given that in the last qualifying match they will play against Vietnam. Unfortunately, the first qualifying matches were a disaster for the team because they lost the two matches played against the contending teams to overcome the round or Vietnam and Thailand, defeats that cost the coach the bench and the arrival of a Dutch coach. it would seem that he gave a shock to this team capable of winning albeit in a friendly largely against Jordan and India. Today's opponents are clearly within reach, surely they will play a defensive game but if the Emirates manage to unlock the game soon they could then spread, that they do not win I do not even want to think about it so -1.25 in case of a goal not too late I think which should be a good play.

WIN Score: 4:0 Profit: +0.88
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