Union Espanola vs Nublense

Asian Handicap
Pick: Nublense +0.25
Odds: 1.821
Stake: 1

Match date: 07/08/2021

The reality is that ?ublense deserves to have more points than it has

They are not fine with the definition that is the explanation because both against O Higgins and against the U of Chile came more but they could not specify

Even so, morally they do not fall because the parties do not lose them

In fact they have 5 games without losing

He has been in the Chilean league for 3 games without losing as a visitor and against good rivals such as U de Chile or Everton de Sensini of great campaign

Therefore, looking at the odds, I see a great value with a +0.25 against an irregular team like Union Espa?ola.

Also remember that the Spanish Union is fighting for the Chile cup, it grants a pass to Libertadores

It would not be strange a rotation knowing that they come playing every 3 days and now they will have to play for the chile cup tomorrow and the other Wednesday

LOST Score: 3:2 Profit: -1
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