Union Espanola vs Colo Colo

Asian Handicap
Pick: Union Esp. +1
Odds: 1.76
Stake: 1

Match date: 01/09/2021

In normal conditions it would be difficult to enter but let's see the panorama well

Colo Colo does not have its best players

Ivan Morales, the absolute scorer of Colo Colo, called up to the Chilean national team

Basilio Costa, generator of the game in Colo Colo, maximum assistant in the Quinteros team, summoned to the selection of Peru

Jeyson Rojas is still low in defense


There, the possible 11 of Colo Colo, with many variants

Quinteros would give rest to most of the headlines



Here is the call of the Indian, several elements of the Cantera de Colo colo (10 in total)

Another point in favor is that Colo Colo already did his homework, he won 4-0 in the first leg, I doubt that they will play it to the death this game knowing that they are fighting the league inch by inch with several teams

Colo Colo comes from 2 games without wins.

He lost to La Calera and lost home to Cobresal

Union Espanola obviously puts everything, but everyone, there are no casualties


He comes from beating Wanderers and one of the animators of the Chilean league, Union la Calera

With that 4-0 and all this situation of casualties in Colo Colo, this handicap should come out

VOID Score: 2:3 Profit: 0
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