UCAM - Yeclano

1X2 / Moneyline
Pick: UCAM win
Odds: 1.67
Stake: 1

Match date: 06/03/2021

UCAM - Yeclano

Segunda B 4

Ucam is really good team which is fighting for the promotion. With only 3 games for the end of the first phase , they are very close to achieve this and the win is a must today as the next 2 are harder games .  

"A draw is not an option . Inside the locker room, the feeling is that we have to win yes or yes. It is an anticipated final "

This week the covid restriction has been lowered and now 50% capacity is allowed , due to that , the club launched a promotion and sold all the tickets . 

Last day of January they signed the striker Jordi, who is on fire and scored 3 goals in 4 games since since arrived . 

Today they are recovering Adri Leon and Viti

The have won 4 games out from 7 at home , only not getting the 3 points vs those in the top 4 . 

Yeclano squad is much worse than the hosts and they are penultimate . 

This is their third game this week and lost vs the bottom last wednesday, which was a huge blow for their morale . 

After that game they already know they are condemned to the relegation playoff , so not much in play today .

Rotation as they are tired and coach do not want injuries for the 2nd phase of the season , moreover , Alex Vaquero is suspended . 

Alex is their best player and Yeclano lost the 2 games he was out.

In h2h , we see how Ucam won without problems the first leg game by 0-2 and last season at home by 3-1.

WIN Score: 1:0 Profit: +0.67
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