Turkgucu Munich : Zwickau

Asian Handicap
Odds: 1.75
Stake: 1

Match date: 29/11/2021

Bundesliga 3

The craziest club in this league Turkgucu which means The Turkish Force again with a new coaching team on the bench as the co-coaches Alper Kayabunar and Nicolas Masetzky have taken over for Peter Hyballa who had to leave after a series of 4 losses in a row which means that this team meanwhile is close to the relegation spots. What a shame for a team with such big quality!! Anyway, so far this team looks only like a bunch of great individualists and not a real team at all. The new coaching duo meanwhile the 5th coach option this season which is almost unbelievable but what I expect tonight is a more motivated team like in so many cases with the so-called New coach effect. The coach?ng duo has put lot of emphasis on personel single talks with each and every player. And as players like Albion Vrenezi, Petar Sliskovic Sararer or chief of defense experienced Mergin Mavraj simply present a certain class that must be rated as top B3 level I see good chances for them in this match. The guests with coach Joe Enochs being in covid 19 quarantine. Also first goal keeper Johannes Brinkies highly doubtful. I know about Zwickaus great away stats with only 1 loss out of the 7 games so far but under the current circumstances I expect the home team at least not to lose.

VOID Score: 2:2 Profit: 0
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