Turkgucu Munich : Dortmund U23

Asian Handicap
Odds: 2.3
Stake: 1

Match date: 26/09/2021

Bundesliga 3

In Peter Hyballa again a new coach on the Turkgucu bench today as after only 10 games Petr Ruman got sacked. Lots of chaos and no patience in and around the club but there is one thing for sure that is that this team has pure quality players at least for B3 standard. When looking at Munichs offense with players like Sliskovic, Sararer, Tuerpitz or Vrenezi one simply must come to the conclusion that they should be one of the TOP favorites in this league. Hyballa has lots of national and also international experience and I see him as a real good motivator. Thus I expect a more than 100 per cent willing team today in this game against the young U23 team from Dortmund that especially away from home has played very successful winning 4 of the 5 games under smart coach Enrico Maasen. Well as I said I have big expectations for the home team that in my opinion has fair chances to win today in the Gruenwalder Stadium the old traditional  home stadium of 1860 Munich. Good for the home them that they practically have no significant squad problems while the guests have a few first team players missing. Due to Dortmunds great away stats the odds on Munich are more than tasty. Therefore I could even go for the safer AH0 option with real gracious odds. 

WIN Score: 2:1 Profit: +1.3
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