Turkey : Gibraltar

Asian Handicap
Pick: TURKEY -4.75
Odds: 2.1
Stake: 1

Match date: 13/11/2021

The Turkish National team still hoping for qualifying for the next World Cup. Currently they are trailing Norway that is positioned on the play-off spot by 2 points with the worse goal margin that could well decide the fade in this´tight group. Good for Turkey that their opponent tonight is the worst of all teams in this European qualifying round. Under coach Julio Ribas they have not only lost all of the 8 matches so far but also conceded 34 goals which means that they have the worst defense of all teams. In 4 of the last 8 they have conceded 5 or more goals. Turkeys National team on an emotional up after the 2:1 win at Lettland by a Burak Yilmaz goal in the 99th minute. In any case new coach German Stefan Kuntz has obviously found a way to revitalize this team. As a German football lover I know Kuntz of course very well and in my opinionTurkey couldnt get a better coach like Kuntz who is famous for reaching the players as he is a real motivator and talks a lot with the players. In the game at Lettland this new improved team spirit was obvious. As I have already told goal margin could be the decisive point at the very end. Thus I expect Turkey to go for a big thrashing of their opponent. In game 1 at Gibraltar Turkey already won easily by 3:0. How about a 6:0 win tonight ?

WIN Score: 6:0 Profit: +1.1
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    Alwin Amler 14/11/2021 08:44:31
    Shuaib Yunus Hassan: Red card helped though
    sure .but I am a big fan of Stefan Kuntz. He could motivate players and raise team spirit like noone else.

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