Tuerkguecue Munich : MSV Duisburg

Asian Handicap
Pick: DUISBURG +0.25
Odds: 2.14
Stake: 1

Match date: 13/09/2021


Monday Night game in Bundesliga 3 between 2 teams that so far have only managed sub-standard results. Quality-wise the home team is a real top candidate for promotion but the current situation at Munich looks not good. Bad atmosphere in and around the team after two 0:3 losses against Osnabrueck and Waldhof Mannheim. Hard job for inexperienced coach Petr Ruman to keep his team with individual quality players under control as there are some difficult characters among them. In contrast to that good team chemistry within the Duisburg squad especially after the so important 2:0 win against the Wuerzburger Kickers on the last match-day. Duisburg coach Pavel Dotchev can count on all of his first team players and that is another reason for me to believe in Moritz Stoppelkamp & co at least not to lose this game that will take place in the Stadion at the Gruenwalder Strasse the old traditional home stadium of 1860 Munich. Yes Tuerkguecue has big plans for the future with promotion to Bundesliga2 as soon as possible and they also want to enter the stock market as the 3rd club in Germany but the current circumstances look rather messy and even a win against Duisburg to me looks not very probable.

LOST Score: 1:0 Profit: -1
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