Tristan vs Barracas central

Asian Handicap
Pick: Barracas +0.5
Odds: 1.712
Stake: 1

Match date: 10/09/2021

Penta88 1.712

Its now!!

Match where Barracas has to return to victory to regain advantage

Let's remember that Barracas is the pointer of this area

He has two rounds of important starting players

Both the scorer Estigarribia and Cabrera

They also have already settling in the starting 11 a different player in the category such as Valenzuela who had matches in the Sub-23 in Argentina and in Europe

They did not win in the last game because they missed a penalty on the last play

With referee help? Yes, it can be ... and on top of that today Carlos Cordoba directs, another chanta friend of power, you can look for it and you will see that it helps power teams like Barracas

Tristan, is doing a good campaign, but with Barracas Central it will be difficult for me

Great value in the fee also

WIN Score: 2:2 Profit: +0.71
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