Asian Handicap
Pick: Ilves-Kissat(-2)
Odds: 1.9
Stake: 1

Match date: 23/07/2021

Hometeam TPV was last season 3rd bottom in league kakkonen group B and only 7 points seperated them from relegation.After last season about 20 players moved away or quit their career so they have rebuild totally new squad from the start.It was already clear in preseason that they come to have very tough season with extreamly young&unexperienced squad.They are now 3rd bottom place with stats 2-1-4/goals:8-20.Today they come to face very long list of missing players when around 10 players come to be suspended or injured.They have called help from one of their last season player and one other come to loan from lower league club Tamu.

Awayteam Ilves-Kissat have played only 5 games sofar because of covid-19 guarantine,so they have had now 3 weeks time to prepared into this game.They are anyway in 3 games winning streak,when they take 2 strong awaywins against Honka akatemia and GrIFK(both wins 2-3) and at home against VJS(2-1).No important missings.

TPV have so bad squad situation today,that they not come to fight for win in this game and only logical result into this game is bigger win to much more experienced team Ilves-Kissat.

LOST Score: 3:3 Profit: -1
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