TPS-FC Ilves

Asian Handicap
Pick: FC Ilves(-1.5)
Odds: 1.9
Stake: 1

Match date: 15/01/2021
First preseasongame to hometeam TPS, TPS which relegated after last season from Veikkausliiga to Ykkonen have only 10 contracted players when most of their last season regulars moved away or end their career.TPS gave 2 testplayers and both are goalies.FC Ilves have already played 2 preseasongames both against their reserveteam first they won 3-0 and second meeting 4-0 with hattrick by Naatan Skytta.4 players moved away after last season and couple of testplayers still continue in team.TPS are in weird situation because so many players left their team and when Ilves are also better prepared in this early stage of season i expected convincing win to visitors."
WIN Score: 1:7 Profit: +0.9
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  • 4
    Robert Munter 15/01/2021 11:41:28
    Shorter prewiew that i planned, but all in all FC Ilves should win against TPS with their best possible squad what they have last season(with hc-1.5 odds 1.90), but against today team by TPS it must be a banker.. But my bad odds collapsed too quickly.
  • 5
    InsideSport 15/01/2021 12:11:48
    Welcome back Robert!

    Yes, Bet365 like other soft books with micro limits in this kind of games. Lines have moved but Asia is here and there might be opportunities in LIVE to catch better line.
  • 6
    Robert Munter 15/01/2021 12:41:21
    Played in closed doors so im not think that there is any livebet chances today.
  • 10
    InsideSport 15/01/2021 13:29:28
    Livescore Futbol24. They just send the final HT result. Could be same with FT.
  • 13
    Robert Munter 15/01/2021 13:47:43
    Neapolitan Tipster: Congratulation Robert!

    Lets wait fulltime first
  • 14
    Robert Munter 15/01/2021 13:59:48
    Neapolitan Tipster: Congratulation Robert!

    Lets wait fulltime first

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