Tolima vs Alianza Petrolera

Asian Handicap
Pick: Alianza +1
Odds: 1.98
Stake: 1

Match date: 31/07/2021

If some teaching left us the last pick that came out green from Alianza Petrolera is that we have to move quickly, we take a fee that goes down more than 2 lines

And now I foresee something similar, because they keep putting quotas from last season

Alianza strengthened and well, Arango is playing at a high level, the same for Garces and the former junior goalkeeper, Chunga is solid and even saves penalties

Anyway I deserved to win yesterday against Pereira

Now he goes against a Tolima that if it was last season or the previous one, but now he is in a transitional climate

He beat Pereira by the local minimum and lost with Nacional de Medellin who could not count on his reinforcements

Nor do I see the locality of Ibague as inaccessible, there is no extreme height or cold climate for those of Barrancabermeja

Alianza finished without injuries so if Bodhert has it he can go with the same team

Very long handicap for my liking again and we are going to take advantage of it, this team can easily add this team because of how they are playing

WIN Score: 1:1 Profit: +0.98
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  • 1
    Moderator 27/07/2021 17:30:12
    This tip will be voided due to small limits and a 48-hour rule.
  • 2
    Nestor 27/07/2021 17:31:31
    Sorry but its not true, check VIP IBC or Pinnacle
    430 EUR
  • 3
    Nestor 27/07/2021 17:33:15
    Please take a job to check fine
    We can take IBC odds but not have to choose when the limit its ok?

    Please, not void my bet, its not just

  • 4
    Nestor 27/07/2021 17:36:06
    Also people here already bet, so It would be unfair if you cancel something that leaves the priority here to bet before in other blog
    But I insist the limit check it in VIP IBC (house that is allowed here, but look at the fees) and Pinnacle
  • 5
    Nestor 27/07/2021 17:45:53
    Moderator : This tip will be voided due to small limits and a 48-hour rule.

    Rule 48 Hs?
    Talk with the other Moderator please, we have a deal
    We have the same converstion one month ago

  • 6
    Nestor 27/07/2021 18:06:19

    It would be very easy if they let me copy the image where I show that the limit exceeds Eur 300
    But your site does not allow me to do that
  • 8
    Nestor 27/07/2021 20:08:43
    InsideSport: Yes. Tip will stand. Good luck!

    But the match date is 31/07
    My mistake, sorry

    Thanks InsideSport and Moderator